Thursday, September 04, 2008


Las Manitas Closed Forever.

One of my favorite Austin restaurants is now closed. We went there back in February, when we were in Austin for Stan's funeral. We saw the singer Patty Griffin eating huevos rancheros at the counter.

Brett and I bought our 'promise rings' (we couldn't afford engagement rings at that point) from the little gift shop next door. Some of the fondest memories of our dating and seminary experiences took place on this short block.

One of the quirks about this restaurant was that the restrooms did not have their own sinks. You had to come out into a public hallway to wash your hands in front of God and everyone. It was probably not designed for this purpose, but it publicly shamed non-hand washers. Which I am all for.

We loved living in Austin. The town's unofficial motto is 'Keep Austin Weird'. Great place.


  1. MamaTina said...
    That is so sad! We have a little rug as our headboard from that little gift shop. They had the best vegetarian tamales. I can still taste them! Walking through the kitchen to get to the backroom was my weird memory.
    zorra said...
    So sad! I knew it was going to happen but had forgotten when. Another bit of old Austin gone.
    Brett said...
    This is truly a terrible development in our personal history. I'm very glad that we ate there the last time we were in Austin--I'll try to hold that memory in place.
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