Sunday, August 31, 2008


I guess I should have seen this one coming.

You know why some conservative Christians are not supporting McCain's choice of Palin as VP? Because she is supposed to be home with her kids (even though her husband is a stay-at-home dad).


I am frustrated with how some on both sides are acting. If you don't like her, don't vote for her. But don't tell her she is a 'bad' Christian.


  1. LambSoup said...
    Oh, cripes. Of course.

    I will say this: Mariska Hargitay should play Sarah Palin in the made-for-TV movie.
    apbs said...
    Yeah, I read something somewhere (very descriptive) that implied that the pregnant daughter was a result of mom working.
    Rev Kim said...
    I hadn't heard this, and you're absolutely right.

    I've been puzzled as to why the fact that the husband is a stay-at-home dad has been missing from so many reports.
    ale said...
    pathetic but predictable.
    e-e-z said...
    I am beside myself about this, too. Yesterday, I heard a self-identified Hilary supporter say that she was appalled that this woman was running, with 5 kids, and there was no way she could do the job of VP. Because she should be taking care of her kids.

    (Oh, and then the whole, "She can't control her kids--because one is pregnant--so how can she control the country." Excuse me, but does anyone remember the Bush twins?)

    Um, how about Mr. Palin, folks?

    And, REALLY, do women in the eschelon of society that runs for the presidency really truly do all the care for their own children?

    It all smacks of discrimination against: women, SAHDs, large families, people with disabilities, etc.

    OK, rant over.
    e-e-z said...
    Oh, and my vote goes for Tina fey in the movie. Sorry, lambie!
    LambSoup said...
    Excuse me? I came here looking for shoes...

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