Sunday, July 13, 2008


My dad is an attorney. Over the course of a few decades in practice, my dad and his (now retired) partner had many, many secretaries. The main reason they had so many secretaries is that the main qualification they looked for seemed to be good looks. They had incompetent secretary after incompetent secretary. On the other hand, the tough-looking paralegal who has worked for my dad has stuck around year after year.

The cutest of the cute secretary parade was a woman named Chris. I remember her from my childhood. To say she was a dim bulb is an understatement. It was essentially like Jessica Simpson hung out in their office, talking on the phone and such. My dad told her that she'd "better not run out of cute".

A few weeks ago, my dad gleefully told the story of running into Chris at the county courthouse a few months ago. In a conversational turn that only my dad can manage, he mentioned to Chris that she didn't look so good (my dad, at 60, is often mistaken for my brother; I guess this gives him the right to comment on such things). Chris (apocryphally, in my opinion), responded by saying, "Yeah, I guess I finally ran out of cute."


While in full tantrum mode during their recent visit, my dad admonished my daughter not to run out of cute. I had two separate individuals use the word 'exquisite' to describe Lily at church this morning. I do think my daughter is gorgeous. But I don't want her to spend her life worrying about 'cute'. Luckily she has a tough-as-nails personality to go with all that cute.


  1. Liz said...
    There is no chance that Lily will ever run out "cute" and right now at the tender age of 3++ being cute, or exquisite, or darling is, as far as she is concerned, just who she is. But she will learn to understand that her beauty is a gift. I can't imagine what that would be like because I was more Pitiful Pearl-ish, and that was just who I was.

    Of course, I think ALL your children are gorgeous.
    LittleMary said...
    ah yes. it kind of sucks that lily will have to deal with all our looks stuff that we have had to suffer through. she is one tough cookie. she is going to change the world it seems
    Cecilia said...
    That is one of my favorite photos from this blog... and I love your photos. I can feel that mother daughter embrace. So sweet!

    Pax, C.
    Neva said...
    AS if she could run out of cute....what a hoot.. your dad is a funny man....but I am sure your little girl will have some feminist ideas of her own and cute won't ever matter to her...unless she wants it to!!!!
    Cecilia said...
    PS I've nominated you for an award... go to my place to check it out.
    MamaTina said...
    Every time Hannah talks about cute or beautiful I tell her that she always will be because Jesus loves her.
    Lily appears to be a little sweetheart. Enjoy the cute while it lasts :)
    Ruth said...
    this may sound snarky, but I don't think your dad is all that cute.

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