Thursday, August 16, 2007

my office/ my Office

My big boy and my little boy came to my office this morning and assembled three new bookcases. My office looks great -- I am happy with the current organization and there is now room for Father Ken and Sister Barbara to live out in the open.

I had a pastoral visit with someone this morning. It is a strange feeling, to have a 75-year-old ask for your permission to do something in their own private life. It is an even stranger feeling to know that you are answering for your Office -- in the sense of, "I talked with my minister and she felt it was a good idea. We prayed together for guidance and discernment..."

Tomorrow is my day off. A parishioner asked me to attend a lecture he is giving at a local Senior Center on the topic of "Women in American History". In the spirit of 'well behaved women rarely make history' or whatever the pithy, feminist bumper sticker is, I will not be attending the lecture. I've spent enough time in the office this week.


  1. PPB said...
    Oh! Oh! I wish I could bring clergy barbie over to play!
    LittleMary said...
    oh yes. doesn't it freak you out when people ocme to you for "permission." a lot of pressure put on us to give the permisssion from god.
    revhipchick said...
    wow--those clergy Barbies are awesome!
    LambSoup said...
    B & K look very tan. Must be fake because how else would they manage it , what with all them vestments.

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