Saturday, June 02, 2007

weekend wrap-up

  • I will officiate at my first memorial service for a member of big church on Monday morning. That meant I had no real day off. I met with the family for service planning yesterday. I will work on the service tomorrow morning (very early) and probably tomorrow afternoon as well. Then it will be off to the visitation at the funeral home. Memorial service on Monday, then a luncheon back at the church. Even with all of that, I stand by my belief that a funeral is much easier than a wedding!
  • I did work in the yard for a long while yesterday. I used over 10 bags of mulch in the flower beds. We planted cat nip for Bad Cat to enjoy. She has been enjoying and enjoying. She actually looks a little stoned.
  • Tomorrow night we are hosting a party for the APNC (associate pastor nominating committee) that hired me, along with their families, here at the house. I'm hoping that chocolate, wine and much good cheer will be had by all (except for kids -- they can have soda or juice and good cheer).
  • Thomas started t-ball this morning. Brett took him to the first practice. They will practice again next Saturday and then they have eight Saturday morning games. This is Tom's first experience with organized sports, and it sounds like he didn't really get the "organized" part. Plus, the nice young coach needs to learn that 4 and 5-year-olds are not keen on ordinal numbers ("run to 2nd" would be better phrased as "run to that base over there!")
  • Lily and Mommy had a successful mother/daughter morning -- haircut, shopping and lunch. I feel optimistic that she can act like a little human being at times... She has become quite opinionated about the shorts and t-shirts she wears ("I wan dis one!")
  • I am heading to the back porch for some quality literary time with a Patricia Cornwell mystery.


  1. We Do It Too said...
    sounds like you are going to please your neighbors with beauty!
    LambSoup said...
    My God, you are high functioning, BesoZilla. Wow. Have a fantastic par-tay!
    Songbird said...
    Yay for Catnip!!
    Charles R. said...
    I always feel like such a awful person when I whisper to a friend that I'd MUCH rather do a funeral than a wedding! Weddings turn perfectly reasonable people into blithering IDIOTS. By the way - forget about pleasing the bride - if the bride's mama isn't happy, ain't nobody happy!
    Alex said...

    I am glad I'm not the only one! :)

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