Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Rest of the Story

A number of my friends are currently involved in the Presbyterian call process. They are writing their resumes, they are reading church profiles, they are talking with search committees. They are doing a LOT of praying. My heart goes out to all of them. Six months ago I was deep in this process of discernment. In fact, exactly six months ago, I was waiting to see if God was calling me to a particular congregation. Without giving away the gory details, it became obvious that God was NOT calling me to that congregation.

Today I heard "the rest of the story" from Paul Harvey (okay, it wasn't really Paul Harvey. It was Good, Good Friend). OH. MY. GOODNESS. Call me if you want the details. But anyone who is reading this, please be in prayer for the church God did not call me to serve. GGF, I hope we can be neighbors someday. For now we will rely on the Internet and cell phones. Thank God.


  1. LambSoup said...
    Word, BesoBaby. Word. You say oh. my. goodness. but clearly, your abundant goodness escaped the notice of them crazy freaks. You were spared.

    Remember Seth, of Seth and Linda, BesoMami fans? I lay it all at the ickily pedicured feet of Seth, who could have kept the rest of the story from becoming a frigging morality play. But no. He was too busy being a Seer. I'm sorry, I'm too busy being a thrower-upper, and Beso, you're too busy um, paying hospital calls. preaching sound sermons and generally keeping your vows.

    This big crazy state misses you and I do, terribly, but I would never wish that brood of vipers on you, no how.
    Iris said...
    Okay, I may be calling or e-mailing you to make sure that I don't apply for that one!
    A Queer Presbyterian said...
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    Pastor Peters said...

    Offering prayers of hope and healing for you and this sad church.

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