Thursday, June 14, 2007

29 years, 49 weeks

Jerry Rubin, one of the Chicago 7, was famous for saying, "Never trust anyone over 30". He's been dead for 13 years now...

Three weeks from tomorrow and I will turn 30! A few signs of my impending untrustworthiness (untrustworthiness? is that a word? huh) --

  • I dyed my hair red (sorry you are hearing about this on my blog, Mom). There is nothing like a big life event to make me do something weird to my hair.
  • A man outside the Blockbuster store today told me I have nice legs. I felt complimented, not offended.
  • I forgot to mail the Father's Day cards to the grandpas. Getting forgetful, I guess.
  • I think the grey hair Brett is sprouting makes him look distinguished, not old.
  • I've been listening to the classical station in the car quite a bit.
BTW, my birthday gift registries can be found at Earl's Liquor Barn and Home Depot.


  1. Preacher Mom said...
    No wonder we get along so well! We have so much in common! Well, except maybe that I'm well on the other side of 30. (Actually, a little on the other side of 40. But don't tell anyone.) And I haven't had a man compliment me on my legs recently. But hey - I've got a good bit of red in my hair now, too!
    art-sweet said...
    PICTURES! We want red hair pictures! (and legs!)
    Rev Dave said...
    Ah, seems like only yesterday a group of us were celebrating at the original Z's (before the ever-expanding-nieghborhood-wrecking U moved them) for my 30th. It was announced as the end of my misspent youth and the start of my misspent adulthood. So far, so good.

    But I didn't color my hair for the event; though as I get closer to the next zero I have a lot of a lighter color showing in mine.
    Brett said...
    You'll catch up to me any day! Thanks for appreciating the gray hairs.
    Neva said...
    oh to see 30 again with the knowledge I have now!!!!Have a Happy day....I love birthdays and can't figure out why people don't realize that having one means "you ain't dead yet!" enjoy!

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