Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weirdness Meme

My friend Little Mary tagged me with this meme. I am to name six weird things about myself:

1) I try to never patronize a business with a cute or misspelled (or cutely misspelled) name. Even if Kathy is the best hairstylist you know, I cannot go to her salon if it is named "Kathy's Kute Kurls & Kuts".
2) I have the world's most beautiful feet. Not everyone appreciates how stunning they are. But it is true; they are gorgeous.

3) I hate shopping at certain yucky stores -- I enjoy bargain places, like 'Tuesday Morning' -- but dislike the kind of places that sell fabric in bulk or thrift stores like 'Savers'. Ask my mother or my GGF. Those places creep me out. But I love to go antiquing and to junk stores. I can't really explain the difference.

4) I am an extremely fast reader. Brett doesn't like me to purchase new books, because he says it is money down the drain. When we lived in KY, it was nice to live next door to the library.

5) I dislike coconut. And tapioca. And those Japanese bubble teas drinks (I think that is also tapioca). Oh, I also can't stand sun dried tomatoes.

6) I was the only sorority girl at my college who took Women's Studies and Hebrew. I wore both pearls and Birkenstocks to classes about the "Sociology of Sexuality". I took classes about Judaism while wearing my Presbyterian Campus Ministry t-shirts.

I tag my mom, Evonne and Iris.


  1. Liz said...
    I'll have to really think about this and blog it. Only six? How about 20? Okay six. That's the format. (I love you precious girl and your feet are beautiful, but wa-a-a-a-a-y too narrow. Birkenstocks actually look pretty on your feet, but they look as they are supposed to on mine; sturdy.)
    Iris said...
    You're feet really are pretty-you're toes are in descending length like toes are supposed to!I, for one, look like Fred Flintstone in my Birks!

    Thanks for tagging me. I wanted to post something today, but was coming up with nothing.
    LambSoup said...
    Nice flippers, Besobella. One reason they're so purty is your foretoe is not longer than your thumb toe, as is the case with many lesser humanoids.

    Now, while I applaud your aversion to cute bad spelling and freaky, nasty boba, your anti thrift store bigotry ("yucky"?!) is something only God can help you with. But I am willing to help God help you, the way some counselors will fly with people to help them overcome their dread fear of flying. You can fight this thing. Together, we can beat it.

    So, Evelyn Wood, how's your retention?

    I don't even know what to say about sororities, Birkenstocks and pearls. I'm surprised my cmputer didn't crash when I put those words in the same sentence.
    LambSoup said...
    That's right, my cmputer.
    Alex said...
    I think my reading comprehension is also excellent. I did have to google "Evelyn Wood" to see what you lesser humanoids are talking about.

    Thanks to everyone who admired my feet. Notice that my dearest spouse has not yet commented? He wouldn't want to be overcome with emotion in the bloggosphere about my pretty peds. :)

    BTW, LambSoup, I would have tagged you but you are too snobby to have a blog.
    Liz said...
    In Beso's defense, (as if she needed it) one of my particular used -to- be favorite bargain fabric stores freaked her out from babyhood. We'd go in there and my beautiful little princess went berserk. I actually quit going to that store when they quit having real bargains. An antique store? Her baby blues glaze over and she uncovers wonderful treasures. Go figure. (Brett is jealous of your feet. His are actually twice as wide.)
    art-sweet said...
    So with you on the Kute Knames for Shoppes.

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