Friday, April 13, 2007


When our son was a baby, my Aunt Susan sent him a package of gifts. She included a set of three sippy cups. For a couple of years, these were the only cups my son would drink from. We lost one at a restaurant early on, so then we only had two. We hand-washed those cups so often that the painted ducky and doggy pictures wore away from the plastic. Any discount store I entered in those years warranted a close inspection of the baby supply aisle, to look for more of these cups. We never found any. Evidently these "Made in China" beauties were unique.Two summers ago, we took the kids to meet my grandmother before she died from the effects of Alzheimer's disease. I discovered that Grandma was using a cup like the ones my son loved so dearly. I guess they had originally been a set of 4; my aunt had held one back when she sent Thomas her gifts. Grandma reluctantly agreed to trade her sippy for a more generic Gerber-brand cup. We left Ohio one precious chalice richer that summer.

This morning I have been spending my day off working on some household chores. I've packed up a few more moving boxes. When I began going through the cupboard that holds plastic kitchenware, I discovered the three sippy cups. No one here uses them any more. But holding them in my hand, knowing that both my Grandmother and my child used them, I couldn't throw them away.

Grief is funny how it sneaks up on you. It is comforting sometimes; to have these moments of remembering.


  1. We Do It Too said...
    oh what a story. keep those forever. from birth to death...we need the same things at the beginning and end. love you.
    Purechristianithink said...
    I had a similar experience when we moved--finding a baggie full of plug guards that my kids of course did not need any more, but getting rid of them meant admitting that they would never be babies again. Which I knew, but still . . .

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