Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean is coming home today. After being on my own with the kids and the house for the past five days, things are probably not up to Mr. Clean's standards. For example, I had to pry Lily off the sofa this morning (she was stuck there via grape jelly) and the diaper pail is emitting a toxic odor. So I need to "tidy up a bit" later this afternoon. I also need to make a grocery run, I have a Session meeting to moderate this evening and then I'm off to the airport to fetch Mr. Clean. Ah -- such a glamourous life I lead!


  1. Preacher Mom said...
    You have a Mr Clean?! Lucky you!!
    Alex said...
    I am very blessed... Mr. Clean is also Mr. Chef!
    Evonne and Gerrit said...
    I love learning that my nephew is a Mr. Clean and a Mr. Chef. It does not surprise me in the least.
    Martha K. said...
    I have Mr. I Clean When I Can't Stand It Anymore.
    It seldom gets to that point!
    Cathy said...
    My son must be Mr. Clean - he came home and started cleaning around in my kitchen and for that I am thankful! My microwave thanks him!

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